A professor speaks to a group of students sitting in the film viewing room with black and white film on the screen over his shoulder.

Our 健康 and Safety Policy

The Music Program at York College is committed to maintaining the general health and safety of its students, 教职员工. Guarding against injury and illness as well as raising awareness with accurate and specific information for music students and faculty is essential for a healthy, 音乐社区. In addition to general health and safety promotion, the Music Program has also developed specific strategies for promoting the musculoskeletal, aural and 直言不讳的 health of the music community. Information about these areas of health will be provided each academic year to the students and faculty in the program, both in written form and in lecture/presentations.

The music student’s private instructor is considered a valuable resource for health and safety issues specific to the playing of specific instruments. Music faculty in the classroom, 排练大厅, and private studio are charged with monitoring the aural, 直言不讳的, and musculoskeletal health of their students, especially in terms of over-use or abuse of the ears, voice or specific muscle groups. Instruction and resources will be made available to faculty who seek additional information regarding healthy performing practices. Music faculty will recommend licensed medical professionals for situations that demand resources beyond general musician’s health information.

The primary factor in staying safe and healthy is YOU and the personal decisions 你 make.

You are personally responsible for avoiding risk and preventing injury to 你rself during study in the York College Music Program.

The following resources will provide, 你, 活跃的音乐家, with basic information about various areas of health and will include strategies and recommendations for maintaining optimal conditions in the practice room, 排练大厅, 在舞台上.


Vocal 健康 and Musculoskeletal 健康